This website is called sipping from the brewing pot .com  with the idea that it creates the imagery that the soup is life, and you’re taking little tastes, little samples, little stories to see how it is, and constantly adding things to make it better.

Credit for the name goes to a good friend a met in Beijing called Fin Callaghan.   He read some of my writing before and instilled the importance of having imagery for your writing.   To tell a story but allowing someone to clearly see the events as if they were there.

Fin himself is Irish, and writing short stories is his passion, his other passion is pure mathematics and drinking, and since China- motorbiking.  He is the one I went on that epic / ill-prepared motorbike adventure back in 2014.  Great guy, lot’s of fun.

I’m dedicating this site to my Grandma – Pamela Parker.  Who has led an extraordinary life and has witnessed a great many things, having lived in England, Austria, Uganda, Australia and many other places as well as travelling around the world many times and visiting and sampling some obscure experiences along the way.  She has stories that unless you know her you would pass off as some old lady lost in her delusions, yet they are 100% true, and amazing at that.

The sad thing however is that we, as her family haven’t even heard all the stories.  A retelling of all the stories would be to spend half a lifetime already, which is understandably why many people prefer to ‘live their life’ rather that document it.

However sharing such experiences with family and friend’s can be rewarding & exciting in itself for both sides. Those that are close to you, those that care about you love to hear some of these stories because in reality they share many common interests with you… otherwise they wouldn’t be your friends in the first place.
These stories of wonder, amazement, of despair, of adventure,  of pain, of learning, can fuel other’s to create their own adventure, to be inspired to try something that they themselves had not thought about.
We love to hear our friend’s and family’s stories yet we can’t hear them all in one go, we need breaks, we need time to process, we need to find the right time to be interested.
So even if we wanted to hear all the stories from the people we care about, and we want to share them…we inevitably don’t get the time.

My granny has all these wonderful stories, yet of course over a life-time, a life time of experiences even just thinking about re-telling and getting them down to ensure they’re not lost to history is a chore.  I hope to start my sharing now, and to share with the people I care about.. as well as hopefully share some of my granny’s and family’s stories.

We’ve all got something that we fill is missing, there’s a hole of something… that we don’t know what to fill it with, by hearing and experiencing other’s stories and adventures we may have a chance to find what we are looking for after all.