Tertiary Degrees

2005-2009                                               B.Arts (Chinese) + B.Comm (Finance)

                                    Curtin University of Technology           粗人听university logo

December 2009

Key Subject Areas

  • Chinese Language
  • Asian business & culture
  • Finance (general)

2012-2016                                               Master of International Relations

Griffith University (via Open Universities)Griffith uni logo

Current average score: Credit-Distinction

Notes: Awaiting formal graduation

While it was a 2 year full-time course I studied it part-time whilst working full-time in China

Key Subject Areas

  • Australian Foreign Policy in relation to Asia
  • International Security in relation to Asia region
  • Specifically focusing on China and the interactions domestically, between S.E Asia, USA & Australia.
  • Special interest in Security strategy for China, Australia & USA

Language Competencies

English: Native
French: Elementary level
Chinese (Mandarin) – Advanced level, working proficiency level.
-in 2014 obtained HSK 5 (6 is the highest government registered level for non-native Chinese learners at Hanban.)
-Obtained the intermediate speaking level at the same time. (Levels for speaking are only beginner, intermediate, advanced)
-Since employment at my current company, I have had a private language tutor  2 to 3 times a week for not less than 1.5 hours at a time. Learn about everything, modern culture, work related topics, correct grammar etc. Fill in the large holes left by Chinese government directed education.
I learn correct modern day culture business speak, memes, slang, etc.
-Since obtaining HSK 5 in the subsequent 1.5 years my Chinese has improved greatly and have realised the fallibility of Chinese government, formal language directed learning.


Music program scholarship for the Saxophone.
 Churchlands Senior High School


Awarded through selection process based on merit

Business school scholarship for study abroad

Curtin University of Technology

Mid 2007-2008

Awarded based on merit

Chinese Government Chinese language program scholarship

Chinese Government

Mid 2013- mid 2014

Awarded through application and consideration of merit

Confucius Institute Language Scholarship

For study in Sichuan University in Chengdu, China.

Awarded but not accepted due to being offered a position at place of current employment at in the logistics industry in Beijing