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Dietary & work combined challenge

What I am aiming to do? No sugar for a week  +  a work article every day for 1 week No sugar – because I feel myself getting fat, and I’m feeling bad about it. I’ve done my 100 push-ups a day for 100 days, and in fact I’m...

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Book a day Challenge completed

So I started the book a day challenge on Friday the 12th April, right after i wrote the article. It was sooner than I intended but it worked out well. And since then have listened to 7 whole books. The books I listened to The...

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1 book every day for 1 week challenge

1st of all, this is for audio books, if you know anything from reading anything on this site, I’m into audio books not physically reading the books. The challenge? Is 1 audio book every day for 1 week.  So at the end of the...

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100 push-ups every day for 100 days challenge

So it’s the start of a new year. I’ve done a few challenges for myself during last year (2018): I’ve tried giving up on sugar twice, and it worked… but, I had some stomach problems, and it turned out that eating a bit of sugar...

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End of challenge + trip to China

Here’s the challenge I did.  No hot chocolate + I had to write an article & put it up each day. So, what did I achieve? Hot chocolate.  Done.  I also think, unless I’m bitterly cold & need to boost sugar levels… I won’t...

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1 week no sugar, no caffeine challenge

Starting from Friday the 5th May to Friday the 12th of May So, I have a German housemate who is very competitive, and we decided to challenge each other to a 1 week go without something that you require kind of competition. For...

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More soup?