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Getting ready for moving back to Australia

So other than visiting people that I wanted to see… and I also kind of ran out of time to visit everyone I wanted to… what else have I had to do before being ready to move back to Australia? Well, fixed my bike, sold my bike,...

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ESA (European Space Agency) open day

I only found out about this event because 2 of my house-mates work at ESA. Alex is a structural engineer working work experience Romanian guy whose job it is to help make sure satellites are structurally sound and using...

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Finally quit my job!

So that happened today.  Handed in my resignation letter to the EU director, had a quick chat with him about …all that. Then sent the CEO a different email in Chinese saying, good to be working for him and all of that. That’s...

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Adobe Lightroom practice

Ok so Saturday evening, decided to test out my new camera, with the intention to check out Adobe’s Lightroom software which you make a whole pile of adjustments to make a really outstanding photo. So I went to the beach, took a...

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1 week no sugar, no caffeine challenge

Starting from Friday the 5th May to Friday the 12th of May So, I have a German housemate who is very competitive, and we decided to challenge each other to a 1 week go without something that you require kind of competition. For...

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More soup?